Bacalar the 7 color Lagoon

Hello fellow readers, Cancun and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit in Mexico and in the Caribbean.

Well if you have ever wanted to travel to the Maldives, we have a much closer option: Bacalar, which is only 214 miles away from the Solaris resorts, heading south in the direction of the border with Belize.

El Lago Balacar en Cancun

What it's genuinely remarkable from this place it's the 7 color lagoon, yes as you heard it, it has a lake with different shades of blue & green water, and wooden docks that remind you of pictures and videos of the Maldives.

Bacalar lake is formed by seven different sinkholes, that make a big lagoon, with 28 miles long and only 1 mile wide, a stunning beauty that resembles the Caribbean sea.

Some areas are loaded with sulfur, that people rub into their body, to let it dry and act as an exfoliating creme, try the mud facials also form this region.

Scientists have researched the bottom of the lagoon in search for microorganisms, which could help decipher the origin of life itself.

Mayan meaning bák halal surrounded by reeds was an important trading outpost between the central Americans and the Mayans. There are several Mayan archeological nearby like kohunlich, Chicanna, Dzibanche, Becan and Chacchoben.

The city of Bacalar is considered a magic town, its uniqueness of the city houses will make you love this fisherman town.

The Pirate route

Ruta Pirata en el Lago Bacalar

Pirates in the 17th & 18th century, raided the small town of Bacalar to steal all of their commerce, thru a canal that connects the sea with the lagoon, until the construction of the San Felipe Fort who was built with the purpose of defending the locals.

The pirate route or Pirates channel, it's a natural formation that has a 2 feet depth shallow water, that connects the Rio Hondo with the Bacalar lake, it crosses the Chaac natural steer, and it was the central passage for the smugglers to take out some precious materials from the zone.

In this path, you'll find dense jungle, both side of the route, and an abandoned structure, that visitors use to jump off from.

Rio Hondo collides with Blue creek river in Belize, all of this can be toured currently on board of pontoons or kayaks.

San Felipe fort, a military construction from the Spaniards from the 18th century, nowadays works as a museum, inside you can learn more about the history and the battles held there, it includes a pirate skeleton, You also have an incredible view of the canal from here.

Other Activities to do

Kayak en los Rapidos de Xulha

Bird island - during your boat ride of the lake, you will be taken to see this colorful small island in the middle of it.

Uchben Kah ecotourism park, they offer several activities like Zip Lining, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, ride a boat, kayak, wakeboard, and jetski.

For the divers, the Cenote Azul is the option, at 295 feet has some amazing illuminated caverns to explore, a master divers dream come true.

Between Bacalar and Xul ha there is a narrow channel, called the Rapids, where you can do some extreme kayaking, impressive how many things are here right?

Due to the ecological system of the lake, NO sunscreen or sunblock is allowed inside the lagoon, the ingredients inside them might affect the ecosystem, and eventually, the lagoon could lose its unique coloring.

Hope this tour, had been helpful, can't wait to see you back Again at the Solaris Resorts in Cancun, and I can't wait to go back again and enjoy a full day of Relax in the Bacalar lagoon. Until next time.

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