Celebrating the 4th of July with the Solaris Family

One of the most important days for the United States is the 4th of July, the Independence Day, where all the people from kids to adults join in a national celebration, where they commemorate the Day in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. In 1776, when the formal separation of the British Empire was proclaimed.

On this date, the people who work are given a day off so that they can celebrate with their loved ones, families do barbecues, parades are seen in the streets, and the most iconic of this date is Fireworks!

This date is undoubtedly recognized worldwide for its importance in the people of the United States, so it has already come to be celebrated in various countries around the world, including the closest neighbors of the United States, Mexico.

A celebration that has been expanded by the most popular tourist places in Mexico, including Cancun and Cabo, where you can find the Solaris Hotels, who you can be sure joined the party with the Members and Guests to commemorate this date.

Join us to discover how this Day was celebrated together with The Solaris Family!

The 4th of July in Cabos

Handcrafts at the Cabos on the 4th of July

On the 4th of July, he arrived at the Solaris Family, and of course, he prepared to celebrate all the Dear Members and Guests that came to visit from the United States, with many surprises, fun, delicious food and of course the best service.

At Los Cabos early morning, there was an atmosphere of joy when Pancho and the Animation Team received all the Members and Guests at the Café Solaris who could enjoy a delicious breakfast, as well as posed with them to take pictures and cheer up everyone.

When Pancho left, they told the youngest children that the Kids Club team was waiting for them with a surprise, they were waiting for them with an activity for the 4th of July. At the Kids Club, they could make their own crown with the festive colors of the Day, Big and small began to do this craft, where without doubt everyone had fun.

Meanwhile, the bars in the beach area and the pool were serving drinks with the colors of the flag of the United States to accompany and celebrate the date, of course, all the Solaris team was celebrating this Day in the same way, since they also had a special uniform for the occasion.

When the afternoon arrived, the animation team called all the Members and Guests who were present to go to the beach, where a special surprise awaited them, decorated tables, lights, waiters with special drinks and a stage.

Members and Guests were able to arrive at the July 4th event that the Solaris Family of Los Cabos had prepared for them, received them with themed drinks for adults and children, accompanied by Pancho Solaris, as was guided them to their assigned tables.

Live Music on the 4th of July in Cabos

Stations with food were scattered throughout the area, skewers of meat, chicken and even wings, salad areas, soups, beef fajitas, and even a whole leg of beef that was being simmered, and of course the Desserts area.
Cupcakes, and a cake decorated with the flag of the United States, and what was not missing were the refreshing drinks to accompany the meal, and so everyone could enjoy the event.

At the beginning of the event, the animation team called big and small to the stage where they participated in fun activities, "Pop the balloon", "Simon Says", among others. Meanwhile, Pancho Solaris toured the beach area, greeting people, dancing with them and even taking pictures, without a doubt, there was an atmosphere of joy in the event.

At dusk, the national anthem of the United States was sung with the help of guests, all this to commemorate the 4th of July, as well as to indicate that the show was about to begin.

Dances of the 70's, Tributes to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, Disco balls, Acrobatics with fire, a show with a Mime and of course Fireworks that adorned the night, this event was something unique that the Members and Guests could enjoy, as well as the people who saw the live broadcasts of the event.

And if that was not enough, the night closed with a bang when a group appeared and played live songs, to end the event, Rock & Roll, Pop and of course "La Bamba" played, and The people came to the front of the stage to dance and enjoy themselves.

The 4th of July was here to stay and celebrate as never before in Los Cabos!

The Celebration continued in Cancun!

Special 4th of July Drinks at the Solaris Resorts in Cancun

Well Cancun didn't stand behind either, having an amazing celebration in ALL 3 of our hotels, starting early in the morning. At Royal Solaris Cancun, we set up a stage in front of the pool, to host our very own singing competition, American Idol Style, open to all ages, so you can imagine it was something very entertaining to watch, and very difficult to judge, being the grand winner of the Solaris idol our dear guest Jeff a truly gifted voice.

During the day, all of our restaurants offer patriotic style drinks, all with the red /white/and blue combination, only to prep everything up for the big dinner/show that will occur later in the night.

At 6 pm, the pool transformed into a whole different space, in order to welcome our nearly 800 members and guest all comfortably seated to enjoy a special BBQ night, a Vaseline inspired show, jugglers and comedians were also part of the fun, while awaiting for the fireworks.

To keep everything in the mood, our lovely entertainment staff, had a Dance show, with their striped uniforms, so our guests never had a dull time, there was also a LIVE band performing on the main stage, playing classics from the USA, like YMCA, in the navy, born in the USA, ohh and did we tell you that the Royal solaris hotel, changed its skin at night ? yes the hotel had sole lights projected with the Stars and a big american flag, surely everyone enjoyed, including the Non americans.

Celebrating the 4th of July in the Solaris Resorts at Cancun

GR solaris Cancun also started the preparation for this big day, early morning, being the main theme the pinup, our guest where witness how an old war plane was put together in the staircase, by the staff of the hotel. Pancho made his usual round, also dressed in his Red/white and blue outfit.

At noon a BIG water balloon fight was showcased at the main pool, with of course red white and blue ammo. The kids club wasn't left behind as our little guests where face painted with the colors of the flag.

Beginning the sunset, the tables where set , and ready to receive the guests of honor, for a special spectacle around the pool, little panchos where the centerpiece, with their tiny american hat, dinner was served, in a buffet style, with all the traditional food, like corn on the cob, bbq ribs, shrimp and more, our entertainment staff performed several shows for all, songs like Candyman where danced, previous to open up to the fireworks show, afterwords, the LIVe music band kicked in to keep playing all time favorites.

Once more, we are proud to host all of our dear members and guests in the special celebrations throughout the year, thank you for your confidence, as we spend countless days preparing everything for your enjoyment, hope you can join us in our next celebration on Mexico's Independence Day ( september 16th ) if not don't worry, does not need to be a special day, to have fun at the solaris Resorts in Cancun or Los Cabos.

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