A day at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Typically when we think about holidays, we always ask ourselves how others have travel, how their holidays had been, how much it cost them in total, how much time they planned, and all of this because we want our vacations to be the best.

los cabos airport interntational

But, how can we know that we are going to have a good vacation?

Today, I will tell you how my holidays were in the beautiful destination of Los Cabos so you can know how to take advantage of the days in paradise.

At the time the plane landed at the airport, I had the full confidence that these would be some unbeatable vacation, as I had made sure to book my transportation in advance, and that gave me great peace of mind when I went out and looking for transport to the hotel with my family

When I left the waiting room, I saw the representative of Royal Solaris Los Cabos who lead us to the van, he was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable during the trip and until we reached the hotel.

Bell Boys de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

When I arrived at Royal Solaris Los Cabos, I was received by the Bell Boys, who at all times were attentive and helpful, with a smile they opened the door and unloaded the luggage of the truck, taking care of it, while we asked for the keys to our room.

Upon arriving at the hotel's premier reception staff helped me to make the check-in process easily and quickly, while my children were able to relax with my wife in the lobby bar, they refreshed themselves with some non-alcoholic beverages. In the meanwhile, I was finishing the required documentation for the delivery of our room and the beginning of a fantastic week.

Habitaciones de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

At the moment we went up to the room, we were impressed by the ample space that it had, and our kids immediately jumped to the beds to choose their favorite one.

When I made the reservation, I asked for two rooms that were next to each other to be aware of our children, that provided us with a degree of tranquility, considering that I could go to that room quickly.

We all went to sleep because we were tired from the airplane flight, so we went to bed so we could relax and prepare for our next day, A Day in Paradise.

El Gimnasio de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Let me tell you that the hotel has everything you need for the whole family, it is not necessary to do everything you have, but it is always good to try new activities. At dawn, we all got up early to start the day and take advantage of it, as I decided to go to warm up the muscles a bit in the gym next to my wife.

We did not want to be far apart, so our children also went with us. And what was our surprise to see that within the activities of that area, on the second floor of the gym, there was a Zumba dance class, our kids decided to play a game, so they went to play tennis on the court that they have just beside the gym. I took this opportunity to exercise at the gym.

Buffet en Rosmarinus de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

At the end of our time of cardiovascular activities, we decided to go to Café Solaris to enjoy a delicious breakfast and be able to recover some of the energy we burnt in our morning activities.

The restaurant had many dishes to choose from as it is a breakfast buffet, starting with fresh fruit, freshly prepared salads, various stews for all tastes and even meals for children or omelets prepared by a chef at the moment.

Here we all could find something for breakfast without any problem, and of course, the waiters were very kind.

At the end of breakfast we went to the main entrance, where the people of travel agencies are since it was logical that when coming to this destination, we wanted to see the most popular of the region, the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. It is less than half an hour away from our location, so as a good planner that I am, I prepare everything with them to take my family to enjoy this trip.

El Arco en Cabo San Lucas

The bellboys informed us that we could wait at the outside chairs, where we could get fresh air while we waited for our transport, since, this it would arrive at any moment. In less than 10 min we were already On the way to the marina of Cabo San Lucas.

The landscape is beautiful, the children did not stop seeing through the windows of the truck. We had on one side the Sea of Cortez, and on the other a landscape of mountains and desert, it was beautiful. We arrived at the Marina where we saw small boats, fishing vessels, large yachts and more, we went to the dock indicated where a ship was waiting to take us on our trip into the coast.

When we got on the boat, the captain told us that they had drinks ready for the trip and that they would take us to see the San Lucas Arch, one of the most iconic symbols of this destination. Telling us a bit about the history of how it was formed and the marine species that live around it.

The trip lasted approximately 2 hours, in it, we could see the last stone of the peninsula, different rock formations like the arch of San Lucas, we took photos to have the family memory, it was undoubtedly a perfect morning.

Actividades en Royal Solaris Los Cabos

When we returned to the hotel, we all felt full of energy, so it was the perfect moment since we arrived just when the activities were starting at the pool and also at the kids club.

We all enjoyed the activities, and my wife and I were at peace knowing that our children would be safe in the kids club, where they could do fun activities, from handcrafts, play in the water slides or play video games. All this while my wife and I enjoyed the contests in the main pool, where we joined the aqua aerobics that was taking place.

Mid day, my wife and I decided to go for something to eat, and what better way to do it while we enjoyed it on the beach, all we needed to do was choose what to eat.

El Snack Bar de Royal Solaris Los Cabos

She decided to go to Rosmarinus, where they had a buffet with stews, tacos, salads, and even ice cream, she got her plate and brought a margarita that she ordered at the beach bar. On the other hand, I decided to go to the Snack Bar, where I ordered a hamburger and french fries that the cooks of this restaurant prepared for me with fresh ingredients. I came across our kids, who had come with the staff from the kids club and a group of other kids, for some nachos to accompany the pizza that they had ordered from Pizzallisima.

Our kids joined us to have a meal together at the chairs that are near the beach, while one of the waiters brought us the drinks we needed to enjoy our food under the sun of Los Cabos.

When the afternoon arrived, and we had already finished our meal, our children told us that they wanted to return to the kids club, because they were going to see a movie with the other children, my wife said to me that she wanted to take advantage of the spa and that she would go for a Swedish massage. And I decided to make use of my afternoon by reading, I asked for one of the books that the hotel has for guests to read, and I sat on one of the lounge chairs near the main pool and enjoyed an afternoon of calm lecture with the music that the animation staff has on the main pool.

El Restaurante Panchos en Royal Solaris Los Cabos

As night fell, my wife and children returned from their activities, and we thought about which of the restaurants we wanted to go to dinner, and after thinking about it, we decided to visit the restaurant of Panchos.

From the moment we entered this restaurant we were greeted by the hostess who was dressed in traditional Mexican clothing, we could hear a mariachi group playing at the center of the restaurant as we went to our table.

We felt in traditional Mexico, with delicious dishes, such as cuts of meat, Mexican taquitos, and even more, these dishes were prepared by the hotel chefs who helped us with the adjustments we asked them, and certainly had a menu for kids, so our night was perfect.

At the end of our dinner, we headed to Tehuacán Theater, as the animation team had announced that on this day they would have the Fantasy Show, a show for the whole family where the characters from the animated films would come out to have fun.

El Show Fantasia en Royal Solaris Los Cabos

And of course that's how it was, we could see how the characters in Frozen films, the Little Mermaid, and even Batman and Spider-Man, among many others, made a spectacular show, which my children loved.

At the end of the show, we went to our rooms, where we could relax in the air conditioning, with a refreshing drink from the fridge that the rooms have while watching TV for a while. It was undoubtedly a spectacular day that we wanted to repeat, and of course, We would do it, with many more things to do and places to discover, this indeed was A Day in Paradise.

This was how I could enjoy a day at the Hotel Royal Solaris Los Cabos, with all my family, without a doubt a destination for all, I hope it will help you to take advantage of your next vacation in this destination.

All you need is for you to come and enjoy your own Day in Paradise, and I hope you tell me how you enjoyed it!

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