The great adventure of traveling with children

Traveling with children is definitely a challenge, although it is an amazing adventure there are also many things that we need to consider so we're able to enjoy the most this experience.

If this is the first time you travel with children you need to get ready for a different way to travel.

dad playing in cancun beach with son

We have for you seven tips that will surely help you to be better prepared to embark on the flight with the little ones. It is also important to consider the age of the children because before the two or three years old you need to plan everything more carefully, thinking of food schedules and to make sure that you are traveling with everything the baby needs in the day-to-day.

Lose fear

kid looking a cancun map

The first advice we can give you is to lose the fear, it can be difficult to make the decision to travel with the whole family but we can assure you that all the planning will be worth it, you just need to have some patience and flexibility in order to live wonderful experiences accompanied by the people you love the most.

Travelling with children is a fantastic experience that enriches the whole family and widens the formation of your children.

Survive the plane

kid looking trough the airplane window

The first challenge you will face when traveling with children is the plane trip, either because they get nervous or because they're bored to be seated for a long time.

We recommend you to take with you some books, video games, computer with a movie downloaded, music or any way of entertainment as well as some snack to eat during the flight so they can be calm and time passes faster.

If the children are old enough, near the plane take off and the landing, you can give them bubble gum to clear their ears.

It is a good idea to give them the window seat so they can enjoy the view.

Another good idea to travel with the little ones is to book night flights, especially if you're taking a long one, in this way they will sleep and relax during the flight.

Involve them in the planning process

kid playing with a table while sitting on a chair

Nowadays, it's easy to involve children in the activities planning, actually, and they might have already done a research on the activities that you could do in the place that you are traveling to.

You could ask them to look for something specific about the place like amusement parks or some activity that they're looking forward to do, as well as to research some of history of the place you are visiting.

Awakening the curiosity of the little ones is essential to enjoy this experience at the most.

Plans for everyone

children doing snorkeling in cancun

Remember that the goal of the journey is that everyone enjoys, travel with children does not mean to put aside the activities you want to do, this also helps children to learn to respect the interests of each family member and to agree and work as a team, they need to understand that everyone must be flexible and alternate the plans in order to enjoy a family trip, including them.

First Aid Kit

antique first aids pack on vacations

If you like to be always prepared for everything, we recommend you to carry a small first aid kit with the basic items in case you need them.

Surely in the place you are traveling to, you will find drug stores everywhere but when traveling with children you should always be prepared and load at least with band-AIDS or pills for motion sickness.

You never know if at some point it can be the difference between enjoying the whole trip or just a part of it.

Encourage cultural exchange

kid with red swim suite looking at her arm with sea in the background

Traveling is a good opportunity to get to know other cultures. It is very enriching for children to know first hand the customs and traditions of a place.

One way of doing this can be to encourage coexistence with other children and to help them develop their ability to interact.

Traveling is also a good learning opportunity, making tours to some places where they can learn a little more about the history or the geography of the place, this is always a good idea.


family having fun at the bumper cars

Yeah, this is the last and most important piece of advice we can give you. It sounds simple but it's important to keep it in mind the whole time.

Holidays are an important time for the family to create beautiful memories, days in which the purpose is definitely to enjoy and spend time together, away from everyday routine and rush.

On holidays you don't mind better about following a busy agenda than enjoying the people around you.