Cancun International Triathlon

Cancun is host to major events due to the unbeatable tourist structure it has, and above all that it is designed to receive not only the participants, but also their families.

Such is the case, this past weekend, where on Sunday, August 11, the 5th edition of the Cancun Triathlon was held, with more than 500 athletes between local and international in their different branches.

Natación en el Triatlon de Cancún 2019

The Triathlon is a sport discipline of high performance, since it combines 3 sports in the same competition, Swimming, Cycling and running.

Distance and categories

There are different categories in which they can participate depending on their age, within which we have:

Children's category where they swim 150 meters on the bike 4 kilometers and running only 1 kilometers.

Super Sprint category with 400 meters of swimming, 10 kilometers of cycling and 2.5 kilometers of running.

Sprint category swimming 750 meters, 20 kilometers in rounds and 5 kilometers running, this was also done in relay division.

All with participants in the women's and men's branches.

Competidores en el Triatlon de Cancún 2019

Start and Route

The start was very early this Sunday, being Playa Langosta the starting point for the Triathletes group, beginning with the swimming part of this competition, since each category had a different distance, boats and buoys were delimiting these . It was very important that competitors wore the caps offered by the event to distinguish the categories.

6:30 am …………… 14 - 15 YEARS / SUPERSPRINT

6:45 am …………… SPRINT BY AGES / RELAYS

8:20 am …………… CHILDREN 12 - 13 YEARS OLD

8:45 am …………… CHILDREN 9 - 11 YEARS OLD

Once They finish this route, they had to go to the transition zone (it was at Km 5 - where the biggest flagpole in Cancun is) where their bicycles were waiting for them, to start their part of the route along the boulevard.

Part of the Kukulcán boulevard, which is the main avenue of the hotel zone, was closed for the transit of the athletes and the support units, they had to pedal to km 0 and back to complete this stage.

For the last part of the competition, they had to go back to the same transition zone and change their shoes to start their run towards the pok ta pok area.

Corredores en el Triatlon de Cancún 2019

Awards and winners



  1. Vianca Iñigo 1:07:57
  2. Sofía Alvarado 1:09:34
  3. Priscilla Sarabia 1:12:53

  1. Jorge Cabrera - 59:25
  2. Eduardo Gallardo - 1:00
  3. Isaac Henares - 1:07

Super Sprint


  1. Alfaro Cervera - 32:55
  2. Luis Maupome - 33:38
  3. Alfonso Ibancovichi - 37:18

  1. Lisbeth Espinoza - 54:42
  2. Yuridia Sanchez - 58:58
  3. Polina Flores - 59:44

This event was endorsed by the Mexican Triathlon Federation and being affiliated with it was part of the requirements that competitors must meet, including the rest of its regulations. Maximum times in Sprint were 25 minutes of swimming, 1 25 minutes by bike and 2 hours in the race.

All wore a shirt commemorating the event and its number with integrated chip, swimming cap with distinctive according to their category and obtained their medal by crossing the finish line, water and supplies were awarded during the route.

Medical service, mechanical support was provided throughout the journey, with support from the state government, transit, civil protection, red cross, the marines and the judges and staff where certified by FEMETRI.

Cancun is host of international events each month, and there will always be a cultural or sporting activity to attend, either as a participant or just an spectator, we will await for you in yout home away from home

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