Cancun the ideal place to enjoy an early- retirement.

Cancun and its surrounding areas have long sparkling powdery sand beaches, that perfectly match the turquoise blue color of the Caribbean sea. The perfect place to spend a day or a month!

Las areas tranquilas en los hoteles solaris de cancun

With many things to do and experience, we can guarantee, that people who want to enjoy it need to have a control of their time, and the Early retirees are the right fit to the Solaris hotels, people who are between 45 and 60 years old will enjoy it the most, as their children probably have their own, so there's no need to taking care of anyone.

The temperatures in the región are in the mid-80s, the food is delicious, and the sun is up almost all year long, talk about a tropical retreat right.

Here things happen at their own pace,GR Caribe Cancun is the place to Relax at all times, whether you read a book by the pool, go to the beach and rest in one of the palapas, or do some activities with our entertainment staff.

If you have considered Pre-retirement, as many Americans and Canadians have over the years, Our facilities are ready for your visit, here I am going to name you a few things you can do in your Free Time.

Relajandose en la alberca de cancun

1.-Some of the activities that can be done here while resting are: read a Book, write a book or a blog. Here, we have several spots you can take advantage to of this activity, I will name you some of my favorite parts to go and do this, One is plaza Zeferino, just to the right of the steps before hitting the pool. the second in plaza Socorrito, a bit more hidden, as you have to go in between the hallways and then take a few steps down, actually a great place as its very quiet there.

Reading books you haven't had time to is feeding the mind, hey we even have books we can lean to you on the front desk.

Writing, you can write a cooking book, or start documenting your memories.

Blog, online it's the new writer's den, share your experiences or hobbies with others like you.

2.- Do some relaxing activity that can connect you with your spirit animal. One of the things is that you can practice Yoga on the Beach with the Solaris GO program and his instructor Jorge, you'll need to check the weekly schedule and bring your own mat to realize this soothing activity at sunrise in the beach with the sound of the waves.

Jugando Golf en los Campos de Cancun

3. Do a Sport activity, something you always wanted to do, but couldn't because of lack of time, Golf in one of the nearby courses, or go fishing, as you can go on deep sea fishing, not tournament like, we also have a well-equipped gym, and Cancun is host of several Running races and marathons all year long.

4.- Enjoy a new hobby, play Chess as a grandmaster, do some painting, play an instrument, having a new hobby will make you happy, buy yourself a camera and learn photography on a professional level, there are many landscapes you can practice on shooting.

5.- Learn a new language, and I'm not just referring to Spanish, as its what the locals speak, you can learn any language you want to, and practice it, being Cancun a tourist city, you will always bump into someone visiting with whom you can practice and improve it.

6.- Meet new people with whom you can have an interesting conversation, mostly on your age group, that you might even consider your friends in the future, as a relaxing place it is, is very easy to talk with people and getting to know them, we have seen friendships built over the years, that now, they even talk to coordinate their time here.

7.- Enjoy the liberty, the freedom to decide, what to do and when to do it, you're at an all-inclusive resort, if you want to eat breakfast at noon, Do it! Nobody should judge you. You already clock in the time in your life, to continue doing it, while you're on vacations.

8.- Volunteer, do a noble cause, find local charities, that you can help with, or just walk by the beach and help to keep it clean, there will always be organizations that need a hand or two to help others. That way you will have cover a good deed.

9.- Explore, go hiking, visit the Mayan sites, visit less known places that can bring you peace, and bring out the adventurous in you, there's a lot of inexpensive places you can visit while in Cancun.

We know for a fact that several of our customers are retired and spend up to two months here in the resort, doing this activities and more, we give you the tools, you decide what to do with them and with your time.

When you're here, don't forget to say Hi, we might even showcase an interview with you, to explain your findings.

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