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Every day and Hour is a Fishing time in Cabo!

As you Know, Cabo is one of the best destinations to practice sportfishing; the abundant diversity makes Cabo seem more like an Eden for the fisherman than a classy tourist destination.

Fishing is one of the favorite activities in Cabo for tourist and locals, and not wonder why. In one hand is an experience to relax and tan while getting a catch for dinner. On the other hand, can be an exciting and challenging adventure to catch and release a big Marlin.

Cabo offers fishermen a wide variety of species to fish all year round. You can come whenever you want and go fishing; there is always a good chance you return with a catch, Just watch the graphic below and check what you will be able to catch in your next Cabo vacations.

Cabos Fishing Calendar

Cabo at professional levels

October is an exciting month for professional anglers around the world. Hundred of fishermen navigate to Cabo looking to win one the richest fishing world tournament.

The Bisbee's Tournaments, just in case you don't know, is a set of three sportfishing tournaments held between August and October in Baja California Sur: "East Cape Offshore," "Black and Blue," and "Los Cabos Offshore." "Black and Blue" tournament is the most renowned (I'm sure you have heard of it).

Bisbee's Tournament tournament has held in the Cabo peninsula since 1981; it started with only six teams. Currently, more than 150 sign up to participate and be part of the fishing history. Can you imagine about 150 fishing boats lining up and sailing offshore with the sun rising on the horizon? It's almost magic the energy in the environment.

Bisbees Winners of 2016

The Tournament

The Black and Blue Bisbee's tournament consist of six fantastic days where thousands of people walk around the marina of Cabo San Lucas. People can watch the spectacular fish species weighed near Puerto Paraiso Plaza and crawl the restaurants and bars. Cabo has more festive atmosphere than usual.

Although the event last six days, just three are from the competition. The tournament first name is the called the "Pub crawl," where the competitors go out to know Cabo San Lucas and the surroundings.

During the second day, the teams get their registration and meet in the opening ceremony, where Flag Honors take place with the Mexican Naval Escort, and presence the Lighting of the Tournament Torch. A short cocktail party is offered after the ceremony because the real action is about to start.

Marlin Fish Weigh at Bisbees

The third day, all the competitors sail out Cabo San Lucas Marina, and calmly wait for the Shotgun start at 8:00 am. After that, the anglers go fishing for the best specimen of the specie and return to the marina to weigh it. You really can't imagine the size of the Marlins we have seen during the last years!. The Marlin is the main specie in this tournament but is not the only one. There are categories and different jackpots the team can participate, so the fun and the cash prices multiply!

The opportunity always knocks at your door.

There is a unique option in the tournament rules that allow to the teams to complete the crew with guests! To apply as a guest, you will need to send a request to the organizers and wait if you fit in one "incomplete" team. If you are lucky you'll receive the call to join them. There is no reason to be sad if the organizers decide you are not accepted to participate as a guest in the tournament. You always have the excellent opportunity to come at your own time and get a fishing chart at Royal Solaris Los Cabos Sol-Ha tours agency and be a winner just for fishing in the Marlin Capital of the world.

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