We Know you love to be pendent about what your favorite celebrities do, we know that you are pending of it last that they have made and said and by this is that today we share to you super important information about them, still reading so you find out of that it is.

Celebrities are always looking for where spend the best holidays and it just unveiled a list of holiday favorite destinations of these personalities of television, music, and movies and Cabo San Lucas is located within the list,  surprising none.

In this list, released by the site nationalpost.com, Cabo San Lucas has become a huge magnet for celebrities with the passing of the years, it is not a coincidence then, that artists like Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Sheen and LeAnn Rimes and sport stars like Michael Jordan, have decided to have houses in this wonderful destination, all of this after many years to visit us , his love for this place has grown so much that little by little have been becoming in “Distinguished locals “.

Remember also that Los Cabos receives each year millions of visitors from of all over the world, and many of them choose to our destination as its favorite place for vacation and as have explained, many of them also decide to have their residences in this incredible place.

Returning to the list, Cabo San Lucas is is next to places so featured in all the world as Florida, Jamaica, Maui, St Barts, Palm Springs and many others beautiful places vacation, of course, we support widely this recommendation that makes this web site and you suggest that not miss the opportunity of visit Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos as soon as you is possible , are sure that going to be dazzled by our destination and going to convert it in your new favorite for vacation in to take vacations all over the world.


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