According to data from (one of most prominent online pages about hotel reservations and vacation travel in the world), Canadian citizens have around 17.3 days of vacation on average per year, but they not fully use them, read the following to find out of it.

Collectively, Canadian citizens together are about 31 million of vacation days in a year that are not used, this means that more than one-quarter of  Canadian will spend  the following year without no break of their works and a 36% spend until six months without taking holiday.

In addition, 68% of Canadians consider vacations trips as necessary and not so much as a luxury, also 10% said that they will not take holiday in what remains of this year and 17% said that it was because of his work agenda.

Remember that holidays are considered the best deliverer of stress with multiple physical and mental benefits that include a decrease in blood pressure and reduces anxiety, also comes as no surprise that Canadians consider the beach destinations as the favorite vacation and relax the mind and body.

So don’t be as the mayority of ┬áCanadian citizens and don’t wait any longer and take the best decision which is the travel holiday right now, we will be happy to receive you.


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