Day of Dead: A very mexican tradition
Day of Dead: A very mexican tradition

Since pre-Hispanic times in Mexico, indigenous peoples have paid cult to death and have conceived it as a duality of life, part of the cycle of nature and us today we wanted to share with you a little more of this ancient Mexican tradition…

When conquerors arrived, the cult to the death was merged with the Catholic religion , giving origin to the tradition of the day of dead during the 1 and 2 of November of each year. At this time Mexicans celebrate our dead by going to the cemeteries to decorate them with flowers, and in our homes put altars, to the dear souls leave the past and wander a few days around the world, visiting his family, home, and friends.

What is on an altar of dead?

Food, candles, incense, liquor, flowers, photographs, music and personal objects  of the deceased; offerings that are prepared with respect by them family to remember to which is have gone. Skulls of sweet, the bread of dead, drawings that mock death; verses that ridicule to characters living of the arts, the science or the political are part of this tradition.

Indigenous festivals dedicated to the dead.

For them peoples indigenous of Mexico located in the region Center and South of the country, them practices and traditions that prevail in their communities to celebrate to them spirits of them ancestors, constitutes an of them customs more deep and dynamic that currently is performed, as well as one of them made social more representative and transcendent of his life community.

Carried out ceremonies every year dedicated to the dead, represent not only the encounter with their ancestors but also with members of the community, which encourages the interaction of families and entire communities. This puts of manifest a wide horizon of conceptions that is have enriched along them centuries, with more than 60 groups of indigenous that have presence uninterrupted in almost all the regions of the nation.


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