Definitely, there are few reasons that could make us desist of the idea of taking some holiday in Los Cabos, and today we are going to give you many more reasons why you must take advantage and decide it  because the best time for visit Los Cabos is now.

The southern part of the Baja California peninsula (where this wonderful destination is located) offers a wonderful climate throughout the year, with its calm waters, its nightlife, and incredible restaurants, provide perfect opportunities for an excellent holiday for the whole family. Enjoy an excellent Sun opportunities are very high, both in Cabo San Lucas and San José de el Cabo, the area boasts 350 sunny days a year and the temperature is about 78 º Fahrenheit during these days, but from May to September the temperature is much higher reaching rub to 100ª F degrees; This area of the peninsula of Baja California has very few rainfall events per year, and certainly, is more common when we have something event of tropical storm or hurricane near the place.

Of course this place natural attractions are many, and the time of arrival of whales is precisely one of the best to visit us, this season ranges from mid-November until the end of March, when hundreds of whales migrate from Alaska and pass through this area of the peninsula on their way to find the whaling sanctuaries in where they give birth to their calves in Los Cabos we have great chance to see these species of cetaceans in their journey, an impressive spectacle that of course we must not let pass.

The season of end of year represents also a great opportunity to enjoy some incredible holiday in Los Cabos, starting with the celebrations of thanksgiving and also  celebrations of the final season of the year  in Mexico are really spectacular, as Las Posadas without forgot Christmas and New Years’ eve.

As you can see the celebrations of the season are about to start and Los Cabos has many facts that definitely turn it into the ideal destination to enjoy with your family the way all of you deserve, so don’t hesitate to spend incredible moments and experiences in this wonderful place, we are very sure you will not regret it.



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