Come to live amazing adventure vacations in Cancun
Come to live amazing adventure vacations in Cancun

Since some weeks ago Johana-my companion of life- and I been  commented that she was beginning to getting tired of the same routine of every day, so we started then to search some change that could make both recharge our batteries, then suddenly  the beautiful Cancun gave us the response that we needed.

We Already knew that we wanted (and needed): take a vacation in Cancun, however, although we had already visited this amazing place on another occasion, did not want to repeat the same experience (although this would have been quite good), needed a revulsive adventure in our life and it was then that we started to look for options of activities to do in this destination and the answer came in the form of adventure tourism.

Fortunately, Cancun has multiple options for enjoying with regard to tourism of adventure is refers, so started enjoying the incredible experience of the windsurfing taking advantage of the incredible winds of the Mexican Caribbean  and the serenity of their waters that are excellent for the practice of this sport, feel that flew by on the waves of this wonderful place definitely us made smile and enjoy to the top.

Next day, we felt that still had much adrenaline to spend and was then that we decided to try the adventure of the diving in the sea, we made it in an of the 14 areas in Cancun for the practice of this activity: Isla Mujeres, in the part North of the coral reef , this place contains spectacular submarine landscapes  and equally spectacular fauna, definitely an experience highly recommended for all that as us want to forget is the routine of it life daily and want to give you a bit of spark to their days.

Another option that we really recommend is the Kayak, we did it in the Nichupte lagoon where really are incredible scenarios as you go through it, incredible landscapes while you go more deep into the lagoon, amazing fauna during all the place which makes  this experience something amazing.

We’ve achieved our goal (Johana returned with so much energy to her daily work and I can say the same for me), now we have the problem we want to return and repeat all those incredible experiences as soon as possible, dare to do it like us and you will have some unforgettable memories too.


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