Visit Los Cabos is an experience unique in the life, with incredible activities for do, but that doesn’t mean you should only visit a single time, we are referring every time you visit us, we will have so many things by do, to know and explore that definitely going to follow with desire to of follow knowing this wonderful place.

For example, Los Cabos is one of the best places for the Golf, practice, the main factors affecting this are firstly the closeness with the USA; this has made our destination a must  for all professionals and not so much -pros to come to know this place where Golf has been gaining fame every year worldwide; secondly has also influenced the wonderful climate of Los Cabos , where practically you can enjoy this wonderful sport all year round, which brings us to the next point which is the design of the Golf courses: both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo own golf courses designed by the best worldwide such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

For those who loves  a little more strong emotions and try to challenge  nature, Los Cabos also has excellent choice: sport fishing, one of the sports that put our destination on the map around the world since the beginning of the Decade of the 80’s and which continues to strengthen more and more over the years , it is no coincidence that Bisbee tournament takes place every year in our waters with increasing participation of fishermen from around the world and of course a considerable increase in awards to give out.

But in addition at this time want to recommend an activity that is keeping Los Cabos at the top globally again: Iron Man event, this prestigious Triathlon is being held for the second consecutive year in our lands, being one of the most spectacular events that can be seen on at our destination, amazing athletes defying nature into the wáter, on a bike and running, an incredible challenge only for men or women made of iron, an amazing spectacle for participants or even for spectators.

We also have activities for those who want to enjoy nature and Los Cabos underwater ecosystem, we are talking about snorkeling and diving, activities you can do in many spots in Los Cabos, for this and many other reasons we invite you to visit us if you practice any sport or if you don’t we will give you the best excuses to start to do it after you spend some time with us.



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