1O Essencial Travel Tips for your Incomming Vacations
1O Essencial Travel Tips for your Incomming Vacations

We all want to travel very often, however it can be a Little hard if you have not think about where do you want to travel, we have for you 10 essential travel tips for you.

1-Read traveler reviews

User-review sites have changed the way most people plan their travel, a useful tool for evaluating hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and more. There are many examples of webpages dedicated to this, tripadvisor is still the big Kahuna, but there are some other as yelp.com and TravelPost.com, anyway you have to be abble t oread between the lines, asking yourself if writer shares a negative review as a resulto of a bad experience; always see how recent the post was.

2-Update your status

Don´t forget social networks like Facebook and twitter, which are useful not only for planing before you go, but also for once you’re on the road, you can ask in your status update if somebody know a good value hotel in the place you are, you will be surprised about the variety of suggestions you’ll get.

3-Check Airport websites

This will help you to know all the services you can find in the airport you will arrive, besides check about customer services and carriers offered inside there.

4-Get the A-List

if you suscribe to the e-newsletters of the airlines, hotels and car-rental companie syou like to use, you surely will find exclusive promos like last minute discounts, weekend rental specials.

5-Search flexible dates

Unless your travel dates are absolutely set in Stone, use flexible date searches for flights, flying just one day earlier or later than your ideal date could mean saving good money.

6-Reserve a seat

Always reserve a seat at the time of booking and if the airline or booking engine won’t let you, keep revisiting until you can. The longer the flight, the more attention you should pay to getting a decent seat.


Bring your own everything, it’s safer than putting yourself at the airline’s mercy. Bring a travel pillow, a blanket or sweater, entertainment (PSP, iPod) headphones.

8- E-Babysitters

If you have kids, buy a portable DVD Player before the first time you fly with them, the Price is worthwhile even if you use it on just one trip (Make sure the battery lasts at least two hours)

9-Join the Club

Join a hotel’s loyalty program, even if you’re planning only a one-night stay. Many hotel brands hand out extra amenities to membersand much more.

10-New or Nothing

Before you book, ask when the property was built or renovated. Beware low-priced motels and even midrange chains that haven’t been renovated in more than five years.


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