Los Cabos is a place full of magic, we all know that, lights, noice and nightlife are a real proof of that, however, there are many other things because we can consider our destination as a magical place and today we will talk about it, keep reading what we have for you next.

At Los Cabos shores a unique  in the world natural spectacle can be appreciated, sea turtle nesting: it’s not weird at all every year thousands ( or probably thousands) turtles come to our beaches to nest and deposit their eggs, this season starts every year around mid-july and it’s very common to find marks in the sand which indicate places where turtle eggs are, fortunately every year more and more people join this movement and the nest are protected normaly.

Turtle nesting season starts as we’ve mentioned  during mid-July, it is since September 15th when turtle release starts and it’s on untill December 15th, many associations and people join the sea turtle camps are over all around Los Cabos Municipality.

Of the 8 species of turtles that exist in the world, 7 are found in Mexico and our State receives 5 of these species, of which 3 of them spawn in the municipality of Los Cabos, that turns us  an important piece for their conservation, representing the 80% of nesting in Southern Baja; turtles can spawn 100 eggs per nest, which takes 45 days on average to be born; they currently have 235 protected nests and during the season that runs from September, October and November are protected around 800.

Our visitors can help us to protect to these turtles when us visit in the Cabos, help that this world is a place best from already, for us same and for our descendants, our planet us it goes to thank.


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