Our Members know that we always care for them to have the best attention, the best service and the best facilities over all, that is why we have important information to share about some improving in Royal Solaris Los Cabos.

Our relaxing pool will have a redesign period from September 12th to September 18th, also the main pool will have some jobs on it, starting on September 19th.

On October 10th, is the turn of La Terraza del Sol to be redesigned, the job will be done on October 15th, our main facade is being restyle ass well, and this job period will be from august 22nd to September 30th; the floor in the Salon Tehuacán will be modified starting on September 19th and it will be done on October 30th.

All these restructuring jobs at Royal Solaris Los Cabos are for our visitors to have the best experience during their vacations, surely the moment you see the results you will be delighted with the new appearance of our facilities.


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