If you are more than 30 years old (or more than 35 in my case) surely enjoyed amazing family vacation on many occasions, but I’m pretty sure that none of these occasions your parents let you choose the destination, will not blame the parents or to make any type of psychoanalysis in this respect much less, but what if we are going to say is that times have changed and these children who was very hard to us the chance to choose the destination of the vacations, we have become parents and from a time when there is a trend in which children can participate more actively and even choose family vacation.

When children  get the capacity to plan a family vacation? According to Karen Cicero, travel editor of Parents Magazine, the fact than kids help choose the destination or plan part of the trip is a trend now. According to HomeAway, vacation online site, the milennial generation parents are more willing to let their children aged between 6 and 18 years old to choose a destination for vacation, if we think about it carefully makes sense, since the majority of travel planning holiday is mostly done in internet and the guys know a thing or two about spending time there.

Involve the children in planning trips have benefits far beyond the mere vacations, as the sense of belonging from the familiar, also through the feeling to achieve something by themselves and know that they have a sense of “ownership”.

This is why we recommend that if you’re a parent, you start to involve your children in the process of planning the family vacation year after year, thinking about give them a more active role, everytime, until finally they can decide by themselves entirely family vacation, without judging their decisions leaving them to advance at your own pace, we are confident that you will enjoy its decisions and the family will have good times and create memories that will be invaluable, of course we recommend (ti and your children) to consider to Los Cabos as that destination that really should visit as soon as possible.


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