Isla Mujeres Underwater Museum
Isla Mujeres Underwater Museum

Isla Mujeres Underwater museum is one of the most incredible activities to do at the Riviera Maya zone, is this fascination museum integrated by sculptures made by Jason deCaires Taylor, placed underwater in front of Isla Mujeres shore, this project begin in 2009 when a hunderd of this sculptures were placed in in Cancun Marine Park, now this museum has 450 real size sculptures.

Sculptures were made with ecological materials and are based on locals, they are considered now artificial reefs, the first sculptures some coral were “planted”

Snorkel and diving fans, so as tourist over glass bottom boats can visit this amazing underwater instalation, we have to mention this museum is divided in two galleries called Salón Manchones and Nizuc, first section has 8 depth meters, this part can also been visited by swimmers, the second part is just 4 depth meters and just snorkeling is allowed.


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