One of the most frequently words we hear over the last years is “leader”, it seems by now is frowned upon that people awarded is the “Chief” term, much less ‘Boss’ (sounding already sincerely to something as the colonial times), the leading Word can be applied to many areas of life and today precisely we are going to talk a little about how the happiest leaders are much better.

In previous decades to the new century, before the 2000´s,  media is focused to teach to those generations to focus themselves is in be leaders, now know that not just with wanting to be leader, but also there are that have a “specialization” and be the best possible leader, something that curiously to the new generations born after the change of century seems to interest them even more.

In a recent study published in the website Science Direct and made by Sirkwoo Jin, Myeong-Gu Seo and Debra L. Shapiro, applied to 350 managers and 1,400 employees is has discovered that the employees believe that their leaders are more transformational (i.e. that are capable of change the expectations, perceptions and provide more motivations) when they are of good humor.

The leaders were examined in several aspects, including happiness, satisfaction, calm and emotions in the work, without surprise to nobody, that score of satisfaction is highly linked to so committed are them leaders with their organization and their satisfaction with the work.

This study also suggests that there is an significant advance for the companies and organizations that put special attention to as is feel their leaders, what is linked of course to as the leaders try to their employees.

And is that who not wants to have a good leader, that is it enough human to understand us but while is so demanding as the work it requires, that us helps to all to be much more happy in our work and that can produce more, is by this that we can conclude that when more happy are those leaders , they run better and those employees can produce more.


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