Now at GR Caribe with our exquisite Menu Bahía de la  Costa Maya in our Bogavante restaurant, you can create your own salad with exquisite options, check out what it is and decide to try them right now

Step 1 – Pick your lettuce

You can choose between 4 delicious options: Japanese, spinach, Roman or bleeding

Step 2: Add vegetables

Add these delicious options: tomato , Hearts of Palm, artichoke, asparagus, cucumber, grated carrot and corn in grain

Step 3: Protein

We have for you panela cheese, parmesan cheese, chicken breast grilled with cajun and ham leg.

Step 4: select your Toppings:

The fun continues when you include either olives, toasted sesame,Tortilla fried julienne and Croutons.

Step 5: Make the perfect combination for your creation

To complete successfully the creation of your delicious salad can choose between Italian Vinaigrette, Cesar dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing, oil of olive, red wine, or balsamic vinegar

Have fun and eat rich and healthy at the same time with delicious salads that you can create in Bogavante at GR Caribe.


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