Visiting for the first time Cancun can mean a glut of sounds, food and a great atmosphere which for some might be overwhelming, fortunately, we have a guide to visit Cancun if it is your first time visit in this beautiful place.

In addition to the mandatory tours there is also a beautiful destination to visit, like visiting the underwater Museum which has become extremely popular over the past years since with each visit helps fight damage to the reefs, and these sculptures help prominently on this task.

One of the best things that everybody who visit Cancun for the first time and seeks to get away from the stress and bustle of the big cities is immersed in the peace and the sounds of nature, a good recommendation is to visit the nature reserve and Parque Nacional Isla Contoy, located approximately 40 km from Cancún, it is accessible by boat from Puerto Juarez via Isla Mujeres. Contoy island is home to more than 100 species of Caribbean birds and is home of sea turtle nests, it was declared a national park in 1998 and only receive 200 visitors a day, so you should schedule your trip to this wonderful place in advance.

Cancun is home of many restaurants with amazing dishes to offer, of course if you’re a fan of Mexican food, you will have many options to visit, but don’t worry, also you will find many varieties of international cuisine to taste.

We hope that these tips  be useful during your first visit to Cancun and for those who already visited it before what advice we give to first-time visitors? Share with us!


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