When the hurricane Odile hit the coasts of Baja California Sur in the year 2014, meant devastation for the cities and towns of our State, however, was also meant an opportunity specifically for the destination of Los Cabos toreinvent itself and take a new attitude.

Starting then, citizens and visitors of Los Cabos take the attitude of unite and give forward, since Los Cabos has been reinvented as a luxury destination, but also inclusive for all population sectors.

One of the main advantages of Los Cabos is that is accessible within really few flight hours from practically any point of the USA and Canada, course also of Mexico, also many airlines both in Mexico and beyond our borders offer options to get to our wonderful destination already is to way of flights direct or with scales.

Activities make to this destination there are many: depending on the date on which you decide to travel, but there are some that are the most common such as snorkeling, diving and trips to Cabo San Lucas arch, addition, Los Cabos also has become one of the main destinations of Mexico and the world for the practice of Golf.

By theĀ end of year, one of the most common activities to do is whale watching at the coast of Los Cabos, an amazing natural spectacle that you should not miss for anything in the world; the important thing is to remark the concept that Los Cabos is much more than just spring break and we invite you to check it first-hand , whenever you decide to visit us at our facilities of Royal Solaris Los Cabos


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