5 Things to do in Los Cabos
5 Things to do in Los Cabos

Los Cabos, that paradise destination in the southest part of the Baja California peninsula, has two very contrasting parts, firts: we have the bustling Cabo San Lucas, with its spring break, it´s bars and neon lights; and on the other hand we have the quiet San José de el Cabo, a real mexican town, separated from the tourist Hotels with its own charm, today we will give you 5 options to make in Los Cabos if you are traveling with your children.

1-Go Whale Watching.

From late December to late March, the waters surrounding Los Cabos are one of the best places in the world to spot whales. Every year, hundreds of whales migrate from the frozen waters of the Arctic for some winter sun choosing the warm, calm waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula to birth and rear their young.

Of the 11 species of whale in the world, eight can be seen in the waters surrounding Los Cabos including minke, bryde, fin, humpback and gray whales.


2-Hit the Beach

Although the Pacific Ocean is not the best for swimming (in fact, a number of beaches are closed for swimming owing to strong currents) and the waters can be decidedly chilly, it’s still worth spending a day or two at the beach. In Los Cabos we have good choices as Chileno Bay, which is so popular because its excelent for diving and snorkeling


3-Visit San José del Cabo

The best choice you can take if you want incredible family vacations, as we´ve mentioned before, San José del Cabo is a quiet town and you will want to fill of this authentic mexican town while you are visiting this amazing place.


4-Take a boat ride to el Arco

The distinctive Arch (‘El Arco’) of Cabo San Lucas is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez and one of Los Cabos’ most iconic spots. You can see the unique rock formation from dry land in Cabo San Lucas but really, this sandy coloured arch is best seen by boat.


5-Surfing at Playa Costa Azul

Costa Azul beach has all the elements to have good Surfing time. Very near to San José del Cabo and even if you are not so good ar surfing, you can enjoy with your family right at the shore watching surfers defying waves.



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