Can you imagine a floating island made almost entirely of recycled materials? This is a reality and its in Cancun, keep reading to find out what is this about.

Few weeks ago, the British BBC television network showed the world a story about a British citizen who is looking to have legal recognition forhis island-home that has built almost entirely with recycled materials.

Richard Sowa created the island in the year of 2007, and seeks the Government Mexican give him recognition about the house made with recycled materials, indeed, such island is maintains to float with bottles of recycled plastic, Mr. Sowa says that is “a way of convert the trash of the world in a paradise”, meanwhile Richard Sowa with his House  continue being one of the main attractions of the place or he call it :”A floating garden of the eden “.

If you want to see the video of the note, can the check the following link: BBC


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