If you’ve already enjoyed the natural beauty of Mexico, but you are looking for something truly magical, you must visit the Cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula, fortunately the Cancun area is blessed with multitude of cenotes waiting for you to visit.

But, What is a Cenote?

The word “Cenote” comes from the Mayan word “Dzonot” which means “Sacred well”; a Cenote is basically an underground lake, surrounded by cavernous rocks, of which the Yucatan peninsula is full and for the ancient Maya, these water-filled Caverns were a sacred and respected place, it served as a source of freshwater to reach the other world , so the mayas made sacrifices in some of them.

In our day, many cenotes in the Cancun area are used for swimming, water is clean, fresh, very cool, some have been equipped with flashlights, ropes and paths that help you to get in and out with ease.

In the area of Chichen Itza can find cenotes which have become extremely popular as the so-called Ikil as well as cenote called Yokdzonot, located only 10 minutes from the pyramids of Chichen Itza. You can also enjoy the waters of the Grutas de LoltĂșn.

Many Cenotes are now already extremely commercial, some of them have lockers and changers, but some others not, so to be quiet, you can bring some things to the place you’re visiting, basic things like water, sunscreen, sandals or shoes journey, also helps to bring a towel for the sweat.

In some cenotes there are an entrance fee, but prices vary dramatically. Usually prices are around the 100 pesos, but those prices can vary depending on the popularity of the cenote and facilities available.

Enjoy in these summer holidays of the magic Cenotes of Cancun has to offer you, full of magic and mysticism, they offer a unique experience for all our visitors, don’t spend more time and decide to visit us as soon as possible.


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