Discover Cabo Falso Lighthouse
Discover Cabo Falso Lighthouse
Based on a text of Gabriel Fonseca

At the beginning of the 20th century when through the seaway transported most of the products of international trade, Cabo San Lucas began its consolidation as an important port for the modern trans-Pacific navigation.

In 1905, on the orders of President Porfirio Díaz was built in the area southernmost of Cabo San Lucas, a lighthouse that was equipped with the mechanism and more advanced equipment in the world. At the time this project was awarded by your lighting system and its procedure of construction at the Universal exhibition in Paris, France.

Cabo Falso Lighthouse was a very important instrument of navigation in the history of Baja California Sur, placing Cabo San Lucas as a safe harbour and so began a new phase of commercial and economic transformation in the area; as a result of the installation of the lighthouse, in the following years, new businesses were appearing in the zone

From 1925 began the exploitation of tuna in Mexico and later, thanks to the installation of the lighthouse of Cabo Falso, arrived at the port of Cabo San Lucas Calmex, a ship dedicated to the collection, processing and canning of seafood, this ship is parked in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas and was assortment tuna by smaller ships that catch fish in the surrounding area , by the abundance of fish in the Bay could make several trips in one day, this caused marine products company, which was owned by the brothers Berstein Riveroll, established a plant on land right at the end of the Bay of Cabo San Lucas, in the year of 1927; When just the plant was being built, the Calmex scuttled due to a failure in the boiler which caused an explosion and the sinking of the ship, the packing plant was ready in 1929.

This company had several subsequent owners include General Abelardo Rodríguez and Elias Pando; towards the end of the 1940s, the whole country starts with a mass consumption of tuna, for the Decade of the 60´s be considered 3 thousand tons per season; Cabo San Lucas marine products company closed its operations in May 1979, moved to Puerto San Carlos.

Cabo Falso Lighthouse has remained there ever since, a indelible memory of what we have built in Los Cabos, has been the subject of lawsuits from those who claim its ownership and even scene of Hollywood films, a tourist spot that we must know to understand much more than the story of this beautiful tourist destination which is Los Cabos.


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