Baja California Sur is a State that keeps its economy based on tourism, over the decades we have defined as a purely tourist State and that is because, with the incredible natural beauties that we have in this beautiful destination, it was a logical step, with the time we ┬ábegan to promote the beautiful beaches, beautiful places of the state, also obviously visitors both national and foreign began to arrive increasingly in greater quantities to feel firsthand these beauties…

However, as it (almost) everytime happens, with the interaction of man usually it also have consequences as the alteration of ecosystems and some other situations, so that our State has decided for some time also defend these natural beauties by declaring them Natural Heritage of Humanity, or Protected Natural Areas, the main examples can be found in el Vizcaino biosphere reserve and the Cabo Pulmo Natural Marine Park, although of course there are many others that have been added over the years.

In recent days had much activity in this regard, speaking more specifically declared to the zone of Mogote, right in front of the city of La Paz, as a protected Natural Area by the Semarnat, specifically is an area of 4.4. kilometers of federal maritime zone, on the inside of this place, this conservation purposes and subsequently be designing a management plan of this surface the area of the Mogote is extremely important in the ecosystem of the Bay of La Paz is home to mangroves and many species of fish, insects, and birds.

Along with our beautiful natural spaces conservation, also a few days ago it was announced that the El Coromuel Beach in the city of La Paz, has obtained the distinctive Blue Flag, this badge is awarded for good quality water, management and environmental education, as well as security and services, so now ye have a new excuse to visit the city of La Paz and enjoy the efforts that are being made to keep in good been its natural beauty; also looking declared an area of marine refuge for the shark whale in the Bay of La Paz, but for now only the technical information is being revised.


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