We know its important for you to be in good shape during vacation, maybe sometimes when we break routines, we think is hard to return to work out habits and mostly if we cant find a familiar place where we can feel comfortable for even running, luckily all our facilities are ready to receive you and we have everything you´ll need a workout vacation.

Sometimes we can do basic activities than will help us to be in good shape during our trip, here´s a list about workout vacation basics, besides, you can do all this activities with all your family and will help so far to keep you in good shape:

If you want to keep your cardio endurance while you have fun, there are a variety of vacation that will give you a great workout among them we can find:

-Walking on the beach: Walk in soft sand it’s a great workout and burns more calories than walk in flat ground, experts suggest you can burn twice as many calories walking in soft sand, we recommend to be careful and wear shoes.

Beach Volleyball: You ca burn more than 150 calories in an hour, depending how hard you work, besides, is a great way to met new people at the beach while having fun.

-Surfing, swimming and snorkeling: Surfing is a total body workout that will challenge every muscle in your body. Even if you just paddle our to the waves and fall off, you will have a great workout, snorkeling is not so challenging but you can make it if you swim a little harder.

-Bike rides: long bike rides are great to check the whole area while you make a low intensity workout.

-Golf: If you want to burn more calories, the best way is to walk the whole course, you will burn 200-300 calories per hour.

-Tennis: As Golf, a tennis match could be as easier or harder as you decide it, chase the ball and pretend you are Roger Federer or Serena Williams while you are working out, burning 400 calories.

Any of this activities you choose or if you want to make it more formal, you can attend our gym, our staff will help you to keep yourself active and keep your good shape for when you return to your normal life, we will be so glad to help you to do it.




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