Cabo Pulmo National Park
Cabo Pulmo National Park

60 miles north of Los Cabos, you will find Cabo Pulmo Park, considered as the East Cape region jewel, surrounded by undevelopment desert and stunning mountain range, amazing and pristine beaches are the home of three living reefs (and the only coral reef) in North America.

For many years this place went unprotected, but through the tenacious efforts of the Cabo Pulmo Community, in 1995, Cabo Pulmo were designated a National Marine Park by Mexican Government. Over the past 10 years, the park has endured pressures from commercial fishing and abuse of uneducated visitors, however, both Mexican and American residents are committed to protect the marine environment and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

Cabo Pulmo reef has eight fingers of hard coral reef, providing a safe haven for many of the 800 species of marine animals found through Sea of Cortez, the rich biodiversity of the area is unparalleled all over the world. Moreover a series of studies at UABCS were directed by lead biologist Oscar Arizpe to provide strong evidence supporting the relevance of Cabo Pulmo to the Sea of Cortéz. June 15, 1995, Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo declared the 7,111 hectares and waters surrounding Cabo Pulmo as National Marine Park.

The marine fauna occurring this Park is typical of the Gulf of California. Despite the fact that coral reef has been studied to a greater extent thant its flora, the knowledge that has been gained is still insufficient . At presents, fishes, corals and mollusks are considered to be better studied than the rest of animal Phyla. The Parks´coral reef has the widest coralline cover in the Gulf of California; there awe find 11 of the 14 hermatypic coral species reported for the Gulf. Similarly in case of fishes, a total of 226 reed species have been observed of the 875 species listed for the Gulf of Califonia. A total of 154 marine invetebrate species have been recorded for this coral reef, among wich several mollusk species such as cones and C. princeps, among many others but there is more, you can also find several turtle species and California sea lions, bottlenose dolphin, spinner dolphin and humpback whale, among many others around the reef.

If all of this is still not enough to decide to visit Cabo Pulmo, we can say you will find hospitality from locals as anywhere in the world, everybody will say hello with a big smile, besides food and weather are one of the best things you will find to enjoy your trip to this place, far from everything but where you will find peace and quiet than you will never forget. Come to Cabo Pulmo, come to enjoy the paradise!


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