Mostly of U.S. citizens are just waiting for spring break Cancún, the perfect time to forgot the cold weather, spring break is the perfect chance to relax, party and have good time under the Mexican sun. Recently had ranked Cabo San Lucas as one of the top favorite spring break destinations: “Aside from it´s lively party scene, Los Cabos remains a staple in the beach resort world thanks to its California-esque vibe. It almost feels like an extension of Southern California.”

But goes further and of course, they are including Cancún, saying its one of the top spring break places all over the world, they also say: “ Families can be just happy here, though, especially if they opt for a quieter all inclusive with amenities such as a kid´s club and water park.”

Spring break is one of the most busy traveling seasons, spots like Los Cabos and Cancún have always a lot of people coming to enjoy beaches those days, best thing for you is to book as soon as you can, so early you book your flight too, will be cheaper.

If you want to enjoy this season in the best way, notice you will be all surrounded by hundreds of college students looking for fun and even we don´t have anything against having fun, it´s always recommendable to be responsible consuming alcohol. According to American College of Health, the average male reported drinking 18 units per day and the average female reported drinking 10 units per day during spring break holidays — way above what is considered the safe level of consumption; besides, according to National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, around 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, let´s be clear, we are not saying you shouldn´t drink during spring break, we are saying you should drink responsible.

Maybe you don´t need to drink alcohol, maybe what you need it to at the pool shore enjoying an incredible sunbath with all your relatives, that´s valid too, everything else you should not worry about we will give you the best service in the best facilities, so wait for no more, time to planning your spring break Cancún trip its right now, and we´ll be proud to host you.


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