We always have the best resolutions to meet during New Year’s Eve, however, you can practice some other ways to make your 2017 a great year and here in Club Solaris we want to make it real

We all have known about somebody (or maybe have that problem ourselves) about make specific goals that we try to do every day and when we notice we can’t get those goals, we start to quit, that specific goal rarely work because life gets in the way, you lose motivation and that only leads to defeat, shame, regret and more.

But now we have for you the following 5 ways to have a great 2017, and the best thing is you can start with us during your visit to Club Solaris (because we know you are almost here, right?) so let’s get started!

1-Say more Yes

Ok, let’s start with this basic, if you are on vacation, you want to enjoy that time the most, so maybe is time to dare to try new things, you should maybe take some of our house tours to discover new (and fascinating things) if you are visiting us at Royal Solaris Los Cabos, we recommend our Todos Santos House Tour, a magic and enigmatic place you should visit.

2-Read Every day

After some fun and adventure, one of most recommended things is to have a calm morning at our beach with the best combo: A book and a delicious margarita.

3-Travel More

Well, this seems pretty obvious coming from us, but think about it… Have you meet the improvements we made at Royal Solaris Los Cabos? Maybe this year 2017 is the best chance to do that.

4-Smile More

This is one of the main things for our staff: to provide you an excellent service and always smile, people say smile is contagious, so when you visit us at any of our facilities, you will find a lot of smiles all around and even if you don’t notice, you will be smiling very soon.

5-Return to nature

Fortunately, our facilities at Los Cabos and Cancun are located in very special spots, where you can find nature to enjoy such as whale watching, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and much more, nature is perfect for relaxing and forget about all the daily issues of life.

Do you have in mind some other ways to make this 2017 a great year? Share some of them with us and make this list bigger!


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