Mexico is a worldwide recognized country for many reasons: natural beauties, its amazing people and (today’s topic) the incredible Mexican food, and now in GR Caribe we have culinary surprises for you.

Pastes are one of the most delicious foods in Mexico, mainly prepared in the Mexican State of Hidalgo, near Mexico City, now can be enjoyed in our facilities at GR Caribe, we really recommend you to try them and explore the most you can about delicious Mexican food.

English origins

In the 19th Century, the first English man from Cornwall County, England, brought to Real del Monte ( a mining town in Hidalgo) a little baking cake filled with veggies and meat called cornish pasty; Mexicans adopted this food to their daily diet and then they’d adapted it, filling them with more local cuisine ingredients.

Since that time until now, you can find in Real del Monte some red brick ovens where women prepare this exquisite food, the locals say: “We will die calm, eating Pastes because we know we are closer to heaven”

Try them at GR Caribe!

Now here in Café Solaris inside our GR Caribe facilities you can enjoy our Pastes, prepared with the most delicious ingredients in town, don’t miss this incredible chance to enjoy Mexican food to the top, you will meet our friend Alma, dare to ask her about Pastes, she will provide some of them with a big smile on her face.

Do you have another favorite Mexican food as delicious as Pastes? Share them with us!


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