Depression is one of the most significant diseases of the 21st century, here in Club Solaris we want to avoid any of it symptoms with our amazing facilities and excellent service for you.

Exercise isn´t a cure for depression, but being active has been shown to alleviate some symptoms of depression in booth teens and adults and here in our facilities in Royal Solaris Los Cabos we have the best facilities and activities to make you have the best days of your life during your vacations: Pool, some drinks (non-alcoholic for teens) and the incredible and funny activities our entertainment staff have for you.

Scientists are now investigating if the same benefits might apply to Young children, Tonje Zahl, the study’s lead author and her team also wondered about the true connection between exercise and mood disorders like depression. Was depression making children more sedentary and less active, or did being less active bring on depressive symptoms, anyway the best way to fight about any of this cases is being active, and here in Club Solaris we have the best facilities for your kids to being active.

Our Club Solaris’ Solution

Our Mini Water Park is located in a safe place away from the deep pools área, with wáter fountains, slides and more, suitable for kids ages 4 and up ( and adults must be present to watch over their kids younger than 4 years old), they will be active during all day with our facilities and activities.

The Kids area also has an outdoor playground with rope nets, wooden bridges, and mini towers that your children can explore freely, as well as fun wáter slides, all under a quiet area.

Now you know it, if you want to prevent depression issues for you and your family and be happy, Club Solaris has the right solution for you, take vacations and visit us as soon as possible.


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