Vacations and Tequila can help you to stay in shape and we have the perfect recipe to make it.

Finally, you have decided to take those well-deserved vacations and you’re probably concerned about gaining some pounds during those days, well, no more suffering, tequila is your best friend and you should not fear to taste it anytime.

Our Pool bar should be your new favorite spot to spend your day at any of our Club Solaris facilities, besides it is a good way to practice those Spanish lessons with the classic phrase “Mas tequila por favor”, and our bartenders will be so glad to offer you the best tequila options to taste, we have many options of drinks made with tequila that you should not let go.

Tequila is good for your body

According to American Chemical Society studies, drinking ‘agavina’, one of the main elements of tequila reduces glucose levels and accelerates your metabolism, plus, agavina (natural sugar from the agave plant) remains inside your body for more time and it doesn’t increase the sugar levels in the blood.

We have all types of tequila, remember Mexico is well-known for being the best tequila producer and you can’t even say you have visited our beloved country without taste this delicious drink, remember is good for your body and know you know it.

Plus, relaxing at any of our pools in our Royal Solaris facilities will help you stay calm and forget about all daily stressful situations, anytime you decide to visit us you can be sure you will have an amazing time with the perfect recipe: Incredible weather+beach+sun+tequila and no worries, you can enjoy tequila any time and not fearing about gaining some weight, and those are always good news, right?

Do you have any favorite Tequila-based drink? Share it with us!


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