Food you consume influences to optimize the functions of your brain

Even if you are a smart person or if you are trying to be smarter, in Club Solaris we have the best options to make you reach your goals and, by the way, make you feel better and eat really, really healthy.

We will start saying that green leaves veggies have a high dose of Vitamin E, which is good to produce antioxidants and red blood cells, also they contain folic acid and help to the cell tissue.

Remember we always have green and healthy options for all our visitors at Royal Solaris Cancun, we have a great tip for you: check our amazing Las Fuentes Restaurant and enjoy our Salad Station to start your day in a spectacular way; you can also check our food stations where our staff will gladly prepare you delicious dishes as well as a wide variety of eggs.

Another food which can help you become smarter are cranberries, these little red fruits contain Vitamin A, D, B sub 12, B6, C, Calcium and Iron, these little fruits help you to have a better (and avoid the loss of) memory.

Why so serious? Get some fun and don’t feel guilty

This is a delicious (and healthy) option: Pure Chocolate. According to some researches, eating chocolate helps to maximize blood that flows to the brain and works faster by eating chocolate, eating some of it few days a week will be very helpful. By the way, have you ever been at any of our Chocolate Festivals in Royal Solaris Cancun? You can’t miss this incredible event once a week in your incoming vacations to this incredible resort where we’ll give you amazing and delicious dishes prepared with this Mexican candy.


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