5 Activities to do in Cancun during New Years
5 Activities to do in Cancun during New Years


The year 2016 is coming to an end, and we want that all our visitors spend some very special dates, is because of this that now we are going to mention you our 5 activities to do in Cancun during the new year’s eve.


Swimming with sea turtles

A very enriching adventure that will take you not only to swim near and in a free way in the natural habitat of sea turtles, but you can also understand the importance of protecting beaches and seas, so they may continue to exist and unmark then of the list of endangered species.

Watching birds

Perhaps you may think that the word “watching” has no strict relationship with”Adventure” but inside  the Mayan jungle must give you a whole new perspective, as well as to be able to see beautiful and colorful birds in their natural environment, flying freely and listening to their signing is an of the things that you can not miss if you if have the opportunity to do it.

Snorkel with whale sharks.

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Cancun is to swim with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world which comes from March to September to the warm waters of the Caribbean looking for food.


Diving with Bull sharks in Playa del Carmen

Whale shark is the biggest fish in the Ocean, but it’s a peaceful animal, if what you want is a rush of adrenaline, we recommend diving with Bull sharks, look at these impressive animals only a few meters away is a unique experience in the world.

Cage diving to observe Mako sharks

Finally we recommend this incredible experience that is completely new in Cancun, the diving cage with mako sharks, where you can observe the speed of these animals (they are the fastest sharks in the Ocean) right in front of your eyes is an experience like no other and that should not miss on your next visit to Cancún.

As you can see there are some other activities to do in Cancun, but we really recommend these 5 activities because we want you to really enjoy your experience in Cancun to the top and make your New Year’s vacations really unforgettable

Remember we can make our destination a better place, and we invite you to help us to take care of this amazing spot with these recommendations for your visit to Cancun


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