Family vacations are not what they were before when your children were quiet in their car seats and behaved as good travelers, but now if they have entered teenage, holidays have changed and surely you’ve been realizing this, so we give you these 5 tips to survive your Christmas holidays with teens.


1-Include your teen children in your plans

Obviously, if you will attend to a family meeting, you want everyone to participate, a good option is let them enter in the discussion of activities, that will make them feel respected and listened and surely their attitude will be much more positive.


2-Be realistic about the time that will be out.

If your teen children are very sociable, two weeks away from his group of friends can be a real torture, removing them of his social circle can be very bad because surely they will make you feel bad during your long-awaited holiday, it best to take some short holiday and everybody will be happy.


3-Give yourself permission to abandon certain attitudes

Holidays are the ideal time to forget some  standards and explore new things, if you and your teens decide to not limit yourselves with your beliefs, for example “I don’t like boats”, keep this in mind: ‘holidays are the perfect time to  leave that aside and perhaps help to the family to become more open to trying new things’.


4 – Relax, you are on vacation

Vacations are about to leave the stress and worries at home, give your body and mind a chance to rediscover a balance and focus again, recalls that when you’re not stressed samples your best side to your family and that’s the best part of the family vacation.


5-Maintain a schedule 

Schedules help to maintain the rhythm during the day, that reduces the inevitable stress to your teen children because they’re away from home, they will not admit that but they will feel safer and confident if they have to be at 7 pm for dinner with family, it’s not about a rigid Schedule. (But if you do want to have one and Cancun is your destination, you should take a look at this First time travelers guide to Cancun)


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