You finally made it,  you are in Cancun and it’s  time of exploring because you don’t want  your holiday are them same that them of any person, is by that that you show these fun options for doing in your holiday in this wonderful place.


1 – Walking by the sea 

The best time to do this is during the early hours of the morning, and if that does you get a good mood  and recharge batteries, nothing will do it.


2- Shopping

Some of them best luxury malls are found in our destination, so one of the best options to do is visit them and surely will find that perfect gift for these Christmas.


3-Visit Museo Maya in Cancun 

Museo Maya in Cancun offers incredible tours through the amazing history of the zone in a single place.


4-Upload you to the truck 

This service is very safe and cheap, can direct you to the market of crafts, where can find incredible things to remember during your trip, also can visit Downtown Cancun.


5-Visit Isla Mujeres 

A trip that really worth it, you have to go to the deck to take a ferry and in just 15 minutes you will be at wonderful Isla Mujeres, an experience that you should not miss on your vacation.


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