Cancun has always been a beautiful place that it settlers have trying to preserve the most, creating a direct communion with humans and nature, this  has been extended over the years to the millions of visitors that each year arrive at this place, however, redouble efforts always is important and is because of this that this  December the 1st,  is opened the Summit world of biodiversity.

This Summit is extremely important to determine actions to fight the adverse conditions that our planet has been suffering and therefore is that more than 200 Ministers of environment and Agriculture of all the world will meet to examine successful cases of integration of biodiversity into plans, programs, and policies.

The official works and the negotiations will restart this last Sunday December the 4th, starting from which Mexico will seek to play a preponderant role”waiting for convincing  different countries to integrate criteria of biodiversity in sectors of outbound, fishing, agricultural and forest”-according to  Rafael Pacchiano Alaman who is the holder of the Secretaria of environment and resources natural (Semarnat).

Will be the first time that makes a meeting where attend Ministers of environment and Agriculture of all the world, to discuss the application of political of biodiversity in the generation of food and in them political of protection of the environment in all the world.



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