5 Apps to Make Your Holidays Better
5 Apps to Make Your Holidays Better

Stress is always present when it’s about vacations, but this doubles when it’s holidays. For this reason, we recommend the best apps to avoid conflicts involved go traveling with family, allowing travel from one place to another without major complications and with less stress.

My TSA App      

If you are in US and you’re planning to travel from one state to another, this application will help you to know the conditions of flight; such as the weather or time out. This app also gives you tips about flying, for example, what kind of items you can carry while traveling or to do if you’re traveling with children. Definitely a great application if you want travel with your family without problems.

AAA Mobile App

This application it’s available free, offers a variety of specific services for AAA members. Within this app you can access certain options that make the trip less stressful, such as check prices of gas stations, find nearby companies offer discounts to AAA members. Also it has a route map, as well as assistance in case an incident on the road occurs.

AVIS Car Rental App

Is necessary travel in comfort during vacation, AVIS makes easy with this application, which allows rent a car in just few minutes, just enough that indicate the place where you want receive and deliver the car, and the date and time you prefer, for this be sent to the address specified. The service provided the app is pretty good, lets you know the car you want rent, you can check the distance covered, the level of fuel tank at any time, you can even lock and unlock the car from the app itself.

Figo Pet Cloud App

If you have pets, you are likely to cause stress not knowing what do with them on vacation. Pet Figo Cloud allows you have control over your pet from a single application, allowing access to medical images and reports at any time. Also allows tracking through GPS collar from the app itself, thus you will know which place is your pet at any time.

HomingPIN App

Is almost impossible not lose anything during the trip, HomingPING provides a security service for travelers which it runs through tags that let you know the location of your valuables at all times, in case of loss these labels provide that luggage is returned successfully.

These apps are essential to make your vacation that much better, it should be noted that some are not available in Mexico.



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