There are destinations which  emerge as traveler-favorite all over the  world in these holidays dates and according to the report of an online travel agency, Los Cabos is located in that select list, continue reading so you find out together to others destinations are found in this list.

According to Expedia, its search criteria called “holidata” (that could translate as something as well as data on travel during holidays) there are cities that are the favorite of travelers to visit especially during these dates (thanksgiving, Christmas and new years’ eve) cities as Las Vegas and New York appear ranked as  favorite destinations as Cancun , Beach of the Carmen and of course Los Cabos.

Travellers prefer destinations such as Los Cabos by multiple factors: first by its amazing weather that invites to travel to this place any time of the year, but in addition also in this place you can find natural wonders like the arch in Cabo San Lucas, also at this time of year you can find wonders such as the travel of gray whales which travel thousands of miles from the icy coast of Alaska to our Mexican Coast where come to give birth to their calves, of course, seeing these incredible animals jumping from waters is impressive and makes the experience of visiting the Bay of Cabo San Lucas into something unforgettable for anyone.


But also Los Cabos has that magic that not is located in any other place, to be one of the more visited destinations in all the world, still preserves that country-magic that in these times is so difficult of balance, by these and many other reasons Los Cabos is the favorite destination of visitors during these so special dates, so think about no more and decide you to visit us with all your family, you will see that we have something special to surprise and become part of your family.


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