Dare to live an amazing Travel with Reptiles in Cancun
Dare to live an amazing Travel with Reptiles in Cancun

According to an investigation by the newspaper called El Universal has revealed important details about studies with reptiles that are made in the area of Cancun and of course you will have the chance to enjoy this in your next travel to cancun.

Biologists and curious travelers undertake an incredible search into maze of mangroves and although the tour can take hours in the area of island white, to the North of Cancun, in where their wetlands are the home of a good number of crocodiles acutus and moreletti, all this with motives of enjoy of incredible tours to the area.

In addition there are also rides to the Kantemó village, three hours from Cancun, specifically looking for reptile species in caves, where it is necessary to wear a helmet with infrared light, and one of the most enigmatic moments is when you pass within the cave of snakes hanging; if you’re a person with even a little phobia reptiles eastward is not the place where you want to be , since this place include snakes and reptiles of all kinds that appear from any cracks looking for bats appear to devour them.

Also is can use the last day of this adventure for swim with turtles in Akumal, that is a beach close to Tulum, with this is can appreciate these amazing animals in their habitat natural, an experience that definitely you will not forget easily and that definitely not you must lose you in your following travel to Cancun.


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