Near Cancun, on the Caribbean Sea, Isla Mujeres is a paradise with an area of 1,100 square kilometers. This site offers the best sunsets being a privileged territory with a unique flora and fauna in Mexico, also has a rich culture as this the place that housed the Mayan civilization, offering a spirit of tranquility. A place to enjoy with your family, thanks to the activities offered on this site.

Whether you and your family decide to walk through the cobbled streets or tour the island in a golf cart, scooter or bicycle; To visit the main tourist sites such as the church, the plaza principal, the Palacio Municipal, the Casa de la Cultura or just sit under the trees in the park. They can also visit the east jetty overlooking the sea, where they can enjoy all shades of blue featuring the Caribbean Sea.

If you prefer the sea, you can enjoy traditional boat rides, be a good option to reach points increased interest in and around Isla Mujeres. It’s impossible to stay without transportation as the boats leave all day from cooperatives in Rueda Medina, located on the main avenue of the city center.

Finally, if want enjoy a unique experience, should visit the surrounding places Isla Mujeres, whether Cozumel (ideal for divers and adventurous), Holbox island (if seeking tranquility and enjoy the wildlife) and finally Isla Contoy ( a heavenly place which is visited by several species of birds).

Whatever the activity who wish make, tranquility and peace that conveys this place make every activity performed a unique and enjoyable experience. What makes it a place to relax and enjoy nature, as the thick forests and the beautiful Caribbean ocean view.


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