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Frequently asked questions

Is it worth even if we are not heavy drinkers or eaters?
We prefer a non All Inclusive Resort as we are on a tight budget. Is there any other option?
So, all All-inclusive resorts are the same?
Is it like going on a cruise?
What are included in My Club Solaris All Inclusive?
Does the rate includes taxes and gratuities?
Are there any other services with additional fees?

About our resorts and services

Why should I use a brazalet as a Solaris guest?
Is there an extra charge if I loose my wristband?
What are the amenities in my room?
How many people can stay in the room at the most?
Pets are allowed in the hotel?
Do the rooms have terrace or balcony?
Do all rooms have a minibar?
Which are the services and schedules of Solaris Marina?
Do you have an ATM in your resort?
If I reserve with a travel agency, can I have an invoice from you?
Can I make reservation for my baby in your web site?
What telephone numbers could I leave to my relatives so they can find me immediatly?
Which one of your resorts has exchange privileges with other Solaris properties?
Which is the voltage (V) power in your resort?
What is the temperature in your pools?
Resort Politics and transportation

Services with surcharge

Do you have internet in the rooms?
Do you offer babysitting Service? And what is the price?
Can I invite friends or relatives to visit me even though they are not staying at the resort?
Which are the Spa services?
Food & beverages
Is there any dress code for the dining restaurants?
Are there purified water bottles in the room?
Does the hotel offer a menu for guests with different food diets?
What is the drinking age in Mexico?
Where can I learn more about Royal Solaris Resorts (Solaris hotels)?


Can I use US dollars as a currency in Cancun or Los Cabos?