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Tips to take care of the beach during your vacations

Beach Vacations are always the best.

For those people who love the sea and turn their vacations into a beach trip every time they have a chance, you guys need to know that there is a huge responsibility in your hands.

Yes, the responsibility of leaving the beach equal or better than how it was when you arrived. After all, we've spent wonderful days under the sun, walking in the sand and beautiful sunsets.

Oceans represent more than 60% of the world's territory and it is up to us to conserve it healthy in order to keep enjoying it.

Here we explain 5 easy tips that you can follow on your next vacation to the beach to make sure you put your little grain of sand.

Beware of garbage

seagull taking a pizza box on the beach

To enjoy a delicious meal or a cool drink by the sea sounds like incredible, doesn't it? but when we do it we should be aware of the trash, glasses, cutlery, straws and everything we are using. It is important to accumulate everything and take it to a trash can or to the nearest

Many wastes reach the sea, then animals confuse them with food.

Use the ashtray

cigarrete on the beach

Cigarette butts can also be confused by some animals as food or stay in the sand for up to two years.

If you smoke on the beach you can ask for an ashtray or put your butts in a container and then throw them into a trash can, it is very important not to leave them on the beach because if they reach the sea they will contaminate up to fifty liters of water each.

Respect the Nature

baby turtle on the beach

It is very important to respect the natural process of each specie, for example, if you find a turtle in the process of nesting, the right thing to do is to leave it alone, not to light it with lamps nor to take pictures of it, as this could make the turtle feel threatened and make it stop with the process of laying its eggs, also if you find a crab, a starfish or any other animal on the beach please do not take it from there or play with it, as they form a delicate natural environment that should not be modified.

Environmentally friendly sunscreen

All the products that you have in your body at the moment you dive in the sea, stay there when you leave so we recommend you that as far as possible you do not put any chemicals before giving you a dip, however it is also necessary to take care of your skin from the sun so if you are going to stay a few days at the beach you will surely want to use sunscreen.

The good news is that there are biodegradable sunscreens that doesn't cause damage to the environment.

But, how could we know if a sunscreen is biodegradable? Very simple.. If it contains one of the following ingredients it is not biodegradable: Octocrylene, Benzophenone, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, Hexilodecanol, Dimethyl apramide, Cetyl dimethicone, Methylparaben, Polyethylene, Propylparaben, Butylcarbamate.

If it contains one of the following ingredients it is biodegradable: Titanium oxide and zinc oxide. The good thing is that we do not have to complicate our lives because almost all biodegradable sunscreens have it visible in the package.

Do not waste water

Another direct and indirect measure of taking care of the seas is not to waste water.

When it comes to using the beach showers and also at home, you must be very aware that water is a very valuable natural resource that should not be wasted. It would be super helpful not to use this service when there is no need and to save water as much as you are able, it is very important and has a huge impact on the environment, at home and during vacations, we always have to take care of every leak, and to close everything properly, so this valuable resource is not wasted.

Although these 5 ways of taking care of the beaches and the ecosystem in general are very simple but they make a big difference, it is enough to pay attention to our actions and be aware of the importance they have in order to keep the nature of this beautiful place protected.

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