Pack the minimum for a quick trip

Whether you are taking a light trip to Mexico, for a Weekend getaway, or this is just your backup bag/suitcase, here we are going to explain what are the basics when packing your luggage or Carry-on bag.

Why it's better to travel only with a carry-on?

Fewer things to carry, then you avoid overpaying airlines for checked in luggage, once you arrive at the destination, you don't have to wait on the carousel, avoid lost bags, and less to worry while packing.

First of all, we need to know what are the size and weight we are allowed to bring as a bag along with us in the cabin of the airplane, the maximum size permitted is 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches, and the weight can vary from 22 up to 33 pounds ( depends if you paid extra to increase it or not ).

Remember to verify what items you can pack on the carry-on, and what not use, the 3-1-1 rule about liquids, store them in containers less than 3.2 oz, inside a clear 1-liter plastic bags. Nothing sharp or flammable.


Preparando las Maletas con Ropa para Viajar en las Vacaciones

When starting to pack for a trip, you need to think like the famous organizer Maria Kondo, downsize all that you can, and make sure the clothes you bring can be mix and match with each other. Another rule is carrying only 3 of each, one to wear, one to wash and one to spare.

First things first, the most essential piece of clothing you need to bring is shorts/bathing suits, and sandals, depending on the days you're staying I recommend to pack 2 - 3 pairs of them, there are actually some nice ones, that look like casual shorts, but can be used for swimming (in the case of men ) and on the sandals I can give you 2 options, either you pack some Toms, or Crocs (that will also look good with the casual shorts) or you could purchase some flip flops at the resort or any convenience store, at around $6.

Other things to put in your bag are: t-shirts, polo shirts, some caquis, a casual short, trousers, and socks (make sure during the flight you wear one pair of compression socks), a baseball cap or a hat, also some gym clothes, usually those are dry-fit and comfortable enough to use as pajamas.

Packing cubes are miracle workers, as it helps you organize everything by category, and compresses your clothes to a minimum.

TIP: Wear while on the airplane the clothes that are the heavier ( pants, Tennis shoes, jackets ) Paperwork: all of your relevant documents, passport, travel insurance papers, drivers license, birth certificate.

Please keep it simple with your toiletry bag, remember the 3-1-1 rule on liquids, pack in the clear plastic Ziploc bag the following: Deodorant, perfume. Toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, and your favorite lotion, also some hand sanitizer will be great, if something doesn't fit this bag, then you don't need it.

Preparando el Equipaje Escencial para tus Vacaciones


Avoid bringing your laptop, don't forget you're on Vacations, but if necessary, you can take it as a personal item, and use the laptop bag as additional carrying option, the tablet, with some downloaded movies or shows, or even an ebook, phone, and chargers for your devices, the Camera is a must, and a power back to have with you at all times.

Medical kit

Someone made fun of me once, when I told them the necessary meds I pack for a trip, and YEs I know that those over the counter meds can be found almost anywhere, but guess what ? the names change from country to country, even if they have the same active ingredients, and treat the same symptoms, the names could change.

Some of the most common ones I pack are . Aspirin, Tylenol, drowsiness pills, tums, bandaids, lip balm, eye drops, and wipes, by the way, I also store these in another 1-liter clear Ziploc bag.

Other necessities

Make sure you pack the things for the flight that will make it more comfortable, like Neck pillow, earplugs, headphones and sunglasses, other things that will be useful are a reusable water bottle, foldable tote bag, and some snacks like a power bar.

Things not to pack

You have to consider that the place that you're traveling to sells most of the things that you need, some of the things you can buy at the time of your arrival are : Sunblock, suntan, mosquito repellent, toothpaste & flip flops; now there are things that can be given to you on the resort, once you request them, like toiletries, including shaving razors, towels, and beach towels, water bottles, make sure to ask, what is available at the time of check-in.

Cheat tip: Whatever you wear/carry-on your body, does not count as part of the weight allowed on a carry-on, so when wearing cargo pants or a jacket, make sure you carry something in each pocket.

We hope this small guide, can help you in your future trips to Solaris Resorts, either for a fun holiday weekend or for a quick getaway vacation, remember life with less is simpler.

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