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Cristal Certification at Royal Solaris Los Cabos

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I know if a hotel is really a right fit and safe? There are many ways to identify how and one of them is by it having a Cristal certification.

But what exactly is this Certification?


The Cristal certification is granted by the best health inspectors in Mexico, they are dedicated to checking that the health and safety standards of the best hotels are met and Royal Solaris Los Cabos has no exception.

Royal Solaris los Cabos and the Cristal Certification

Hotels have always searched for the best for their guests and this time they are looking to obtain this special recognition.

And Royal Solaris Los Cabos is looking to get this, meaning that it is a perfect place to vacation as it meets the national and international health, safety and cleanliness requirements and is to be recognized as one of the best.


As always one of the most important things for Club Solaris is that all our guests and their family can enjoy and relax during their vacations.

You will find the perfect margarita or your new favorite cocktail!

From delicious pizzas, salads to special dishes from our chef and much more. This is an idea of what you can find in our variety of restaurants at the hotel, with the assurance that they were prepared the best way.

This is not the only thing that defines the Cristal certification since bars must also comply with safety regulations, which ensure that they will serve you the best drinks with the correct ingredients.


This meaning that at the moment of wanting a relaxing afternoon on the beach with a mojito, you will know that you will have an exquisite drink made with care

Because what we all want is to vacation and enjoy a relaxing time, or just swim for a while

We can assure you that in the pool you will find what you need since it will comply with the safety and hygiene measures so that you can have fun in the best way

Los Cabos Nightlife

At the same time you can enjoy the activities that our animation and sports team have prepared for you since they make sure you all join in on the best games so that everyone can have fun too.

You will also find the best shows every day, from new dances to new shows, we always look for the most spectacular entertainment for you, so you can have unforgettable memories in this beautiful destination

So the next time you think of the best place to vacation at and have fun in an extraordinary way, do not hesitate to choose Royal Solaris Los Cabos, your home away from home!
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