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10 Tips from the Master Traveler

If despite being a frequent traveler, you always forget to pack something important or you make novice mistakes, this master traveler's guide will be very useful for you

The first tip of the list is a basic one but of great importance to succeed in the others below..

1. Pack your bag with time

packed suitcase ready for travel

Surely you will have experienced that everytime you pack in a hurry something goes wrong, you forget the most important thing or you can´t remember where you put others.

Therefore, we recommend you to take a few days to pack, so everything is organized and it is difficult to forget anything.

2. Personal hygiene products

Small suitcase with the essentials for the trip

Our recommendation for hygiene products is to to put them in a airtight bag to protect your clothes from staining, another good reason to use a separate bag is that it will make easier to find this items quickly when you need them at the hotel, and you won't waste any time.

These items could be the last ones to be stored in the suitcase because you probably use them on a daily basis and if you keep them in your suitcase two days before leaving for a trip you will have to go and look for them every time.

3. Do not forget the battery chargers

phone charger for travel

Today we use many things that need to be charged like cell phones, computers, tablets, cameras, among others. To forget the battery charger and suffer it during the trip perhaps is something that has happened to all of us some time. In the moment we pack the electronic items into the suitcase, we should also pack the chargers and memory cards if necessary.

4. Communicating with the bank

man in suite using a cell phone

For security, some banks freeze your account immediately if they detect any movement from another country and this could be a big blip when it comes to travel, that would complicate the plans and you would lose time calling the bank to solve the situation while you could be enjoying the sunny beach.

You can prevent this is by calling the bank before traveling to notify you that you will be out of the country by the way, you could use this call to ask them about the exchange rates.

5. Do not take all your money in cash

wallet with credit card gold and computer in the background

Many people use to change all the money they're planning to spend to the local currency used in the place where they will travel and take everything in cash but we definitely do not recommend to take the risk of losing money or being robbed, it is better to change only a part of your budget and the rest leave it in your bank account.

It is always good to carry cash for anything but the truth is that today there are ATMs everywhere, especially in the tourist cities and normally the exchange rate of the banks is better than the one on the exchange houses.

6. Always carry a copy of your documents

blue passport over a black suite case

If you are a cautious and technological person you will love this tip.

We recommend you to take a photocopy or a photograph of your important documents, such as passport, driver's license and ID and then send them to your email, so you will have them in your pocket at any time plus they will remain in your email in case you need them at some point.

You can keep the original documents in a waist bag while traveling to have easy access to them at the airport.

7. Travel with health insurance

travel insurance card in wallet

Of course we hope to never have to use a health insurance while traveling but it is always better to be prepared in case something happens.

If you already have health insurance, we recommend you to call the customer service in advance to make sure you have coverage abroad. If you do not have it, it is very easy to buy a travel insurance on internet that covers the days you will spend on holidays, they are usually not expensive and it is worth being prepared for everything, especially if during the holidays your adventurous version is born and you want to jump out of a plane by parachute.

8. Beware of overweight in the suitcase

person waiting at the airport with a red baggage

It is always a good idea to weigh your suitcase before leaving home to avoid extra charges at the airport or having to wear all your clothes together when you realize that you have a few extra pounds.

We also recommend you not to carry the suitcase to the weight and space limit because you never know how many nice crafts you could find during the trip and you will want to have space to take them home.

9. Always be prepared

swater purple and white

"Forewarned is forearmed," as the saying goes, it doesn't matter if you're traveling to the beach in summer it is always a good idea to bring a light sweater in the suitcase since you do not know what might happen, maybe the air conditioner in some tour cools so much that you feel like you are in Alaska instead of Cancun or from one day to another the weather changes (this happens a lot in tropical destinations).

This advice also works to the opposite, if you go on vacations to the forest you can take a swimsuit, just in case you find a lake where you want to dive in.

10. Do not unpack everything

luggage in a room

If you are going to travel for a week there is no need to unpack everything, as this could make you leave something in the hotel.

Of course you want to take your clothes out of the suitcase to hang it but maybe it is not necessary to take off the shoes or electronic equipment, you could take them out when you need them and put them back in the suitcase afterwards so when it's time to pack and go back home, you don't have to give up on your pool time.

With these 10 simple tips you will be further away from committing the novice mistakes we hate, so take advantage of them and especially enjoy your holidays! And of course, if in the end you forget something, do not get frustrated, there will be more opportunities to perfect the techniques of the master traveler.

The only question left is.. when will you arrive?

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