GR Solaris (Cancun)

At GR Solaris Cancun want you to finish your day enjoying a delicious buffet dinner show performed by our restless entertainment staff!

Every night, after you and your family have enjoy of all the activities to do in Cancun, join us to celebrate night shows that will inspire, delight and allow you and everyone in your family to admire everything from a tour around the cultural diversity of Mexico to a sneak peak of the best selling Broadway shows

From a trip to the 70’s when John Travolta marvel everybody with his dance moves to a Casino Night where you can try your luck,  all our shows are planned so you and your family can bring home memories that will last for a life time. Join us at the Tehuacan Ballroom in GR Solaris Cancun All Inclusive resort, where fun is also included.


Saturday Night Fever


Picture this scene. It's New York, it's the late 70's, you're in a discothèque and as the heart-stopping intro to one of your favorite funky hits strikes up, a man in a white suit, wearing a nifty pair of Cuban heels, marches his way through the crowd like a fly disco Moses parting the Red Sea of dance. At GR Solaris Cancun All Inclusive resort we bring you this amazing show with classic tunes as If I Can't Have You, Night Fever, Tragedy, Disco Inferno,  How Deep Is Your Love and of course, Stayin' Alive. Join us us at the Teahuacan Ballrooom every Tuesday at 9 pm, and marvel at this marvelous Disco show and the iconic piece of entertainment that represents.




Get ready for the laughter, applause and the fun that accompanies a night of karaoke, at GR Solaris Cancun’s favorite party. Join the entertainment team at the lobby and take advantage of the freedom to release your inner Gloria Gaynor or Elvis Presley away from the stresses of work and home. Engage that inner rock star and belt out your favorite songs at Mexico’s best vacation destination All Inclusive Resort. Serenade to your special someone with the magical beach for stage or simply enjoy the music after another day in Paradise. Are you ready to become the star of the night? Meet us at the GR Solaris Cancun’s lobby and grab that microphone!


Magic Show

Magic show

Magic symbolizes something that is unattainable in this world, or when the impossible is possible. Magicians make the impossible come true with comedy, spectacle and brevity. Everyone loves a magic show, people love to be astounded by magic tricks and wonder "how did they do it?" Was it sleight of hand? Was it smoke and mirrors? It doesn’t matter how they do it, it's fun just to suspend belief just for a little while and allow the entertainment to take you back to the days when you were a kid, playing wizards and warlocks with your friends. Come to GR Solaris Cancun All Inclusive resort and be amazed by the amazing Magic Show Buffet Dinner with all your family!


Girls Vs. Boys


In an old fashion “boys vs. girls” contest, GR Solaris Cancun All Inclusive resort invites you to a fun party for you to find out if there’s such thing as a weak gender. Though a various games the entertainment team of Club Solaris Cancun would test both teams to see which one is in the end the most talented, the fastest, the smartest once and for all! Join us at the Tehuacan Ball for a delicious Buffet Dinner and help us find out who’s the winner of this party! Are you ready for drinks, fun, delicious food and some healthy competition between boys vs. girls in your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean?


Tropical Night

Latin Show

The incredible Tropical Night at GR Solaris Cancun sizzles from beginning to and stunning end. Salsa, merengue and even a Cumbia pass the review in a whirlwind of colors, moves, lights and sounds. The talented entertainment team will amaze you and your family in this fantastic buffet dinner show. With delicious typical food and drinks, this is a V.I.P. buffet dinner you can’t miss. Travel around the Caribbean islands and discover the passion behind world favorite Latin rhythms, grab your couple, pick up new moves and dance along. And for the grand finale, you’ll be astonished by the surprise we have prepared for you. Join us at the Teahuacan Ballrooom every Wednesday at 8:30 pm.


Casino Night

Casino in Cancun

Join us to this wonderful buffet dinner party and try your luck! Play and bet in a variety of Las Vegas favorite’s games like Roulette, Blackjack or Texas Hold’em and earn Solypesos for the auction where you can bid for neat hotel souvenirs. So, are you feeling lucky? Come and join the entertainment team at Teahuacan Ballroom for a great Casino Night party, where everybody is a winner.


Mexican Fiesta

  • Mexican Show 1
  • Mexican Show 2
  • Mexican Show 3
  • Mexican Show 4

What’s a family vacation to Mexico without a Mexican Show? Being such a beautiful country with lots of different cultures within, Mexico has lots to offer. From prehispanic dances and rituals to the highly popular Jarabe Tapatio (also known as Mexican Hat Dance) performed by a true Mexican Mariachi, this is a show that you and your family won’t forget. Our entertainment team will take you and your family to a fascinating kaleidoscope of Mexican traditions while you enjoy the superb Mexican delicacies and delicious beverages. This is the party that will make you feel Mexico under your skin! Our luxurious All Inclusive Mexican Show at GR Solaris Cancun is waiting for you, are you up for it?



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