Los Cabos is famous worldwide because of it’s climate, it’s natural beauty and of course it’s beaches and speaking about it  we also have incredible places for the practice of surfing, so now we are going to list the best 5 places to enjoy this sport to the top.


The ideal place for the surf for beginners, compared commonly with Cerritos and Pescadero, it’s main advantage is that is much more close and indeed is within the urban area of San José del Cabo, tens of people is meet each day for practice in this area

2-The Rock

In the same area of Acapulquito we can find The Rock , a point which occur in waves faster than Acapulquito, making it one of the favorite places for the surf fans.

3 -La Pastora

Approximately one hour north of Cabo San Lucas, on the outskirts of the magical town of Todos Santos, definitely worth the trip, with incredible waves and rocky points that make the experience of surfing in this place unforgettable.

4-Nine Palms

Also called Rancho Santa Elena, this Eastern Cape location not only has consistent waves making experience is enjoyable, but also to be a little further from San José de el Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, remains as a little-known point.

5 –Monuments

This place has Rocky points that makes the waves are spectacular and ideal for surfing, approximately a 10 minute East of Cabo San Lucas, a place we highly recommended


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